Enabling real-time, remote monitoring in clinical care settings


Your healthcare practice needs a remote solution to enable physicians to monitor ICU patients round-the-clock. Rtwo's ICU-Connect is one such solution. It monitors ICU patients continuously and sends real-time alerts to doctors to decide on medical intervention.

How We Empower Your Care
With Our Solution

How We Empower Your CareWith Our SolutionHow We Empower Your CareWith Our Solution

How It Works

How It Works

ICU-Connect Can Adapt To Your Critical Care

ICU-Connect Can Adapt To Your Critical CareICU-Connect Can Adapt To Your Critical Care


Vendor Neutral Device Integration

Reduces complexities and cost of maintaining devices with different configurations.

Multicenter Access

Allows access to critical information from anywhere, anytime.

Realtime Universal Dashboard

Track critical metrics and respond quickly to any changes.

Historical Trending

Early detection of complications by tracking vital signs over time to avert negative outcomes.

Customized Alert Management

Focus on the most urgent alerts and reduce burnout among healthcare workers.

Video Integration

Remotely monitor patients in real-time and make timely interventions.

EMR – HIS Integration

Improve charge capture and reimbursement rates and reduce claims denials.

Intensive Care Scoring

Allows healthcare providers to better stratify patient risks for better resource utilization.

Cloud Enabled IoT

Azure, AWS, and Private Cloud - Remotely analyze patient data, and predict health issues before they occur.



Increased patient satisfaction
Improved Patient Safety

Standardized protocols eliminate the likelihood of errors and ensure consistent care.

Better Data Security
Remote Rapid Response

Remotely assess and prescribe
treatment virtually.

Instant Alert System
Instant Alert System

Identify key parameters and select appropriate alert systems.

Ease Workload
Ease Workload

Streamlined workflow by utilizing modern technological solutions.

Optimized Patient Flow
Optimized Patient Flow

Expedite admission and discharge processes through predictive analytics.

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“I think this system is the first of its kind in India. From this technology, we can create a central system, where we can combine all hospitals and monitor patient vitals from a single command center.”

Dr. C. Nagaraja

-Director Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Chest Diseases

“As a doctor, I see a pressing issue in India where a large majority (75%) of intensivists are in urban areas, while the majority (80%) of critically ill patients are situated in rural areas. This is where ICU-Connect comes into play, providing standardized critical care to patients in peripheral regions.”

Dr. Rinki Das

 -MBBS DA IDCCM DEM, Intensivist anesthetist emergency physician.

“Often, doctors cannot immediately follow up with patients outside of the ICU or critical wards during their daily rounds. ICU Connect is a solution that allows doctors to monitor their critical patients remotely through a camera and track vital signs like blood pressure and pulse rate. Communication with patients is also possible through the application's provided microphone and speakers. We thank Rtwo healthcare solutions for coming up with this very innovative and advanced technology”

Dr. Yunus A Sheriff

-Pulmonologist, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Chest Diseases

“Due to a shortage of specialists, a tele-monitoring system can be implemented to remotely provide clinical advice and instructions to on-site medical staff for critical patients. This allows for high-quality care while minimizing the risk of exposure to dangerous diseases for healthcare staff.”

Dr. J.S Akshatha

-Professor and HOD, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Chest Diseases.

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