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Healthcare Technology With Our Advanced Edge Computing

Get a Holistic, Real-Time and Remote View of Patient Data Round-the-Clock.
Healthcare Technology With Our Advanced Edge ComputingHealthcare Technology With Our Advanced Edge Computing
Real-Time and Comprehensive Management of Clinical Information
Real-Time Management of Clinical Information

Connect multiple critical care beds and devices and get real-time patient data on a clinical information system. Get the flexibility to closely watch patients in critical  condition on or off hospital premises.

End-to-End Medical Device Integration
End-to-End Medical Device Integration

Integrate devices and merge data from diverse sources to create one data stream. Create a seamless flow of information between systems. Export data in any format  across networks.

Telemedicine Solutions for Modern Healthcare
Telemedicine Solutions for Modern Healthcare

Access a range of telemedicine solutions to save on time and costs. Develop customized virtual consultation solutions for delivering remote diagnosis, monitor patients remotely, and provide telehealth education.

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Rtwo - Unlocking the
Power of Technology to Save Lives

Rtwo is scripting a silent success story. The figures below tell how medical facilities are teaming up with us to transform remote ICU care.    

Medical Devices
Hospitals Remotely
Third Party Medical Softwares Integrated

Connect Capture Cure - Reinventing Critical Care with Advanced Solutions

Rtwo Healthcare Solutions has ushered in a new era of critical care, showcasing how it empowers healthcare professionals to connect, capture data, and ultimately, cure patients.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to equip healthcare facilities with effective remote treatment capabilities for improved patient outcomes. We are committed to developing cutting-edge solutions to enhance real-time access to data and facilitate proactive interventions.

Our Vision

Our vision is to maximize critical care with innovative remote healthcare solutions. We strive to leverage the power of technology to become a leading innovator in the field of critical-care and simplify and transform the way critical care is delivered.


“I think this system is the first of its kind in India. From this technology, we can create a central system, where we can combine all hospitals and monitor patient vitals from a single command center.”

Dr. C. Nagaraja

-Director Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Chest Diseases

“As a doctor, I see a pressing issue in India where a large majority (75%) of intensivists are in urban areas, while the majority (80%) of critically ill patients are situated in rural areas. This is where ICU-Connect comes into play, providing standardized critical care to patients in peripheral regions.”

Dr. Rinki Das

 -MBBS DA IDCCM DEM, Intensivist anesthetist emergency physician.

“Often, doctors cannot immediately follow up with patients outside of the ICU or critical wards during their daily rounds. ICU Connect is a solution that allows doctors to monitor their critical patients remotely through a camera and track vital signs like blood pressure and pulse rate. Communication with patients is also possible through the application's provided microphone and speakers. We thank Rtwo healthcare solutions for coming up with this very innovative and advanced technology”

Dr. Yunus A Sheriff

-Pulmonologist, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Chest Diseases

“Due to a shortage of specialists, a tele-monitoring system can be implemented to remotely provide clinical advice and instructions to on-site medical staff for critical patients. This allows for high-quality care while minimizing the risk of exposure to dangerous diseases for healthcare staff.”

Dr. J.S Akshatha

-Professor and HOD, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Chest Diseases.

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Our Partnership is Our Strength

We owe our success to our partners and clients. They have, time and again, helped us think out of the box in developing transformative solutions and raising the standards of quality care.

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