Healthcare Consulting Services

Strategic consulting services to simplify healthcare service delivery
Healthcare Consulting Services

Healthcare Consulting Services

Our healthcare consulting services assist providers identify the right solutions for process improvements and manage complex regulations and compliance issues. Our team comprises experts in EMR integration, clinical imaging systems development and integration, AI-related technology adoption and integration, and healthcare software development.

Our Comprehensive Healthcare
Consulting Services

EMR (Electronic Medical Record) Integration Consulting

Ideate steps for enabling interoperability between EMR systems for better data flow and care coordination.

Clinical Imaging Systems Development and Integration Consulting

Asses the current clinical imaging needs, recommend the right technologies and support in integrating various systems.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) Related Integration Technology Consulting

Provide expert advice and support on integrating different software systems, applications, and platforms.

Software Development for Care Delivery Consulting

Prepare a roadmap for developing the right software to meet specific healthcare needs.

Healthcare Data Analytics Consulting

Data strategy development for better healthcare data management and analysis for actionable insights.

Healthcare Process Improvement Consulting

Recommend healthcare process improvements for improved care delivery, patient flow, RCM, & operational efficiency.

Healthcare Strategic Planning and Implementation Consulting

Assess current state of operations, identify areas of improvement, and develop a roadmap to achieve objectives.

Healthcare Compliance and Regulatory Consulting

Develop policies and procedures to minimize the risk of non-compliance with laws & regulations.

Healthcare Cybersecurity Consulting

Conduct risk assessments and prepare cyber security policies to protect healthcare systems from cyber attacks.

Healthcare Quality Assurance Consulting

Develop quality improvement programs, implement evidence-based practices, and monitor  key quality metrics.

Healthcare Staffing and Recruitment Consulting

Identify staffing needs, develop strategies, and offer support & guidance on the healthcare hiring process.

Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Consulting

Assist healthcare organizations optimize revenue cycle processes and develop strategies for revenue opportunities.

Healthcare Project Management Consulting

Ideate project plans, identify project risks, and develop strategies for overcoming challenges. 

Healthcare Marketing and Branding Consulting

Conduct market research and develop a brand strategy to increase market penetration for creating brand awareness.

Healthcare Customer Experience Consulting

Develop strategies to deliver seamless patient experience right from appointment setting to post-care follow-up.

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Our custom solutions and services will assist you deliver round-the-clock patient care.

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“I think this system is the first of its kind in India. From this technology, we can create a central system, where we can combine all hospitals and monitor patient vitals from a single command center.”

Dr. C. Nagaraja

-Director Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Chest Diseases

“As a doctor, I see a pressing issue in India where a large majority (75%) of intensivists are in urban areas, while the majority (80%) of critically ill patients are situated in rural areas. This is where ICU-Connect comes into play, providing standardized critical care to patients in peripheral regions.”

Dr. Rinki Das

 -MBBS DA IDCCM DEM, Intensivist anesthetist emergency physician.

“Often, doctors cannot immediately follow up with patients outside of the ICU or critical wards during their daily rounds. ICU Connect is a solution that allows doctors to monitor their critical patients remotely through a camera and track vital signs like blood pressure and pulse rate. Communication with patients is also possible through the application's provided microphone and speakers. We thank Rtwo healthcare solutions for coming up with this very innovative and advanced technology”

Dr. Yunus A Sheriff

-Pulmonologist, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Chest Diseases

“Due to a shortage of specialists, a tele-monitoring system can be implemented to remotely provide clinical advice and instructions to on-site medical staff for critical patients. This allows for high-quality care while minimizing the risk of exposure to dangerous diseases for healthcare staff.”

Dr. J.S Akshatha

-Professor and HOD, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Chest Diseases.

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